To identify the emerging leaders and young professionals of Broward County, connect them with each other and current leaders in the community, develop their ability to serve as community trustees, and engage them within the community.


Emerge Broward, a program of the Leadership Broward Foundation, was developed in order to promote leadership and personal development among young professionals through networking, community involvement, and educational opportunities. The program was developed to meet the unique needs of young professionals in the community. In most cases, young professionals are new to the community in which they live, as well as to their jobs, and are looking for ways to meet new people and become involved in the community. Many young professionals want to improve their leadership abilities and aspire to leadership roles in the near future.

The Emerge Broward mission is based on the questions most frequently asked by young professionals, such as: What makes someone a good leader? How do I become a community leader? What do I need to know to serve as an effective board member? Emerge Broward helps answer these questions by providing a variety of activities to connect members with other like-minded professionals in Broward County, develop their leadership abilities, and engage them in meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community.

The initial planning committee for Emerge Broward consisted of staff and volunteers of the Leadership Broward Foundation and members of Emerge Florida (now, Connect Florida). Over time, more dedicated young professionals were enlisted to serve on the planning committee and the current committee structure was developed.

Emerge Broward has four autonomous committees based on the pillars of the organization as outlined in the mission statement: IDENTIFY, CONNECT, DEVELOP and ENGAGE. Each committee meets monthly and provides a variety of events and activities to advance their purposes. Each committee has co-chairs with specific responsibilities. Additionally, each co-chair serves on the Executive Committee, led by two overall co-chairs. The Executive Committee has the responsibility of coordinating communication and providing support to the four committees.  Find more information on how to get involved with a committee!

The Kick-Off Event for Emerge Broward took place on January 19-20, 2007. Eighty young professionals attended and joined as Founding Members of the organization.  Since then, the organization has grown to more than 500 members. Each month, the committees offer a number of successful events.  EB also hosts 2 annual meetings at which members and future members can network and learn leadership in our community. The General Assembly is held during the summer, and the Annual EB Summit is held in January.

There are many ways to get involved as a member! Do not hesitate to contact the Program Co-Chairs with any questions!







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