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Accepting Applications Soon for Board Engagement Class IX


Board Engagement is a unique program that selects Emerge Broward members who have demonstrated community involvement and leadership experience and trains them on the basics of non-profit governance and the role of an active, engaged board member. Participants in the program are placed on the Board of Directors of a local non-profit for a one-year term and engage in intensive quarterly trainings, gaining valuable practical experience and learning how to be the leaders of tomorrow.


The participating non-profits also connect their organizations with a younger demographic, gain valuable insight, and engage in community capacity building. Organizations participate in a multi-tiered selection process designed to find a young professional with a passion for their mission, who at the same time best meets the current needs of their board. Specific expectations and time commitments vary depending on the board and will be shared with the participants prior to placement.


The 2016-2017 Board Engagement (Class IX) term will run from October 1st to September 30th. 

Board Training Program Dates:

October 1st - October 14th: EB: Board 101 Training program (accessible online)
October 1st: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm: Board Engagement Q&A at United Way of Broward County OPTIONAL
October 10/27: Program Meet and Greet with Non-Profit Organizations
November TBD: Fundraising and Volunteering (Training #2)
December TBD: Emerge Broward Holiday Party
January TBD: Emerge Broward Annual Summit
February TBD: Conflict Management (Training #3)
May TBD: Next Steps (Training #4)
July TBD: Emerge Broward General Assembly 



PLEASE NOTE: This program is open exclusively to current Emerge Broward members.


Emerge Broward members:

Program requirements:

  • Attend the Non-Profit Mixer (location and date TBD)
  • Sit on assigned Board of Directors from January 2017-December 2017
  • Attend all Board of Director meetings of assigned non-profit
  • Attend all Board Engagement workshops (Attendance is required at 3 out of 4 substantive trainings) (Dates TBD)
  • Completion of EB: Board 101 Training Program

To apply:

• Complete the online application (upon availability).

• Submit a resume including both professional and volunteer or leadership experience to

• Pay the application fee (non-refundable unless the member is not placed with a non-profit) HERE


Non-profit organizations:

Program requirements:

Participating non-profits are expected to keep their Emerge Broward board members apprised of all events and meetings and waive all financial requirements. Non-profits are also encouraged to assign a mentor from their board to work directly with the Emerge Broward member.


To apply

Click HERE to register


Complete applications  and payment must be submitted by deadline date (TBD)

For more information, please contact Board Engagement Co-Chairs Elaine Wheatley and Cherie Sanders at


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