Broward needs leaders now more than ever! In these strange and unprecedented times, there are numerous opportunities for people with a passion to serve and a desire to make a difference to lean in. As we all are living and working through the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community needs people who can come together and help set the stage for our shared future. This is a critical time for the next generation of leaders to rise and move us forward. Fortunately, there is a program for those who are willing to answer that call.

Leadership Broward, is now accepting applications for what will become its 40th class of leaders with impact. The timing for this application period may feel strange right now, but it could not be more perfect. As our community currently faces tall challenges, there is a real demand for fresh ideas and new perspectives. In short, the time to lead is now!

As many in Broward are thinking about what the future will look like after this pandemic subsides, our team believes there will be more inspired applicants than ever before. If you’ve considered applying for Leadership Broward, now is the time to take the leap.

Leadership Broward is much more than just a program – it is experiential learning about your own leadership styles and that of others, and the complexities and interconnectedness of all aspects of our community. It is a platform for building lifelong relationships which in turn benefits the greater good of our community. Those who are chosen to participate become part of a culture that shapes real outcomes in Broward. For nearly four decades, Leadership Broward has created an environment that nurtures well-meaning citizens and helps to propel them into service. If you or someone you know is looking to accelerate your role in the community then Leadership Broward is the program to do it through.

Applications for Leadership Broward Class 40 are open and are being accepted online through June 5th. Those who wish to review and complete an application can access it online HERE.

Broward will keep moving forward after COVID-19 is gone. The only question is who will be leading the efforts when we do? You might just be exactly who we need.