Leadership Broward’s Community Projects: A 42-Year Tradition of Service For more than four decades, Leadership Broward’s Community Projects have been the beating heart of its mission: “To develop and inspire individuals to serve our community.” This eight-month journey unites participants into small, focused teams, each committed to forging meaningful, lasting change.

These teams, rich in diverse talents and experiences, partner with nonprofits to support and implement initiatives that resonate far beyond the class year. Their work is more than theoretical; it’s marked by sustainability, ensuring the legacy continues long after the project’s end and the class’s graduation.

The Blueprint for Exceptional Community Projects

  1. Creative Innovation: Projects are driven by creativity and visionary thinking, transforming ordinary ideas into extraordinary possibilities.
  2. Achievability and Feasibility: Success is balanced with innovation and practicality, with a focus on initiatives that deliver clear, immediate value to the nonprofit and community within the program’s timeframe.
  3. Collaborative Flexibility: Successful projects adapt to change while maintaining their core objectives, embracing flexibility for innovative solutions.
  4. Accessibility to Nonprofit: Project leads guide the teams with expertise, accessibility, and commitment, ensuring smooth communication and efficient problem-solving.
  5. Direct Empowerment of Nonprofit Clients: The true essence of a project is its ability to empower the nonprofit’s clients through designed events, campaigns, or resources.
  6. Inspiration in Action: Two standout projects showcase Leadership Broward’s ethos in action.

Canine Assisted Therapy: “Paws to De-Stress” Program Leadership Broward Class 41’s “Corporate Canines” team spearheaded the “Paws to De-Stress Program” for Canine Assisted Therapy (CAT). This unique venture brought canine-assisted therapy to businesses, laying the foundation for a revenue stream that continues to serve the community.

Through strategic marketing, targeted outreach, and creative engagement, the program identified 30 businesses, gained over 50 new clients, and increased CAT’s social media reach by over 40%. The “Paws to De-Stress Program” is more than a business plan; it’s a testament to leadership, innovation, and the deep connection between humans and our loyal canine companions.

Artistic Empowerment: Festival of Words with Art Prevails Project Leadership Broward’s “Spoken Nerdz” team joined Art Prevails Project, a not-for-profit arts organization, to enhance their inaugural Festival of Words and develop a sustainable future plan.

Through brand development, digital transformation, and dedicated promotion, the team set the stage for a successful event on April 22, 2023. With over 300+ attendees, the festival left a lasting impact on both Art Prevails Project and Leadership Broward Class XLI. This collaboration highlights the tremendous potential of teamwork and artistic engagement, igniting a legacy that will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come.