Organization Liaison Name(Required)
The liaison is a representative of the nonprofit who should be knowledgeable about the project, have some degree of decision-making ability, and committed to providing support for it. The liaison is an integral part of the Community Project, providing valuable information about both the nonprofit and those it serves.
Organization CEO/ED Information(Required)
Projects should have the approval and commitment of the CEO/ED who will be able to fully participate in developing the project and participating in the process of implementation.
This is an outline of what the Community Project idea is. Group members will use the project description as a guide in forming their project plans. It is our goal for Community Projects to be achievable during the 8-month Leadership Broward Program and to become long-term sustainable programs, products, or initiatives benefitting the nonprofit for years to come.
Why is the project needed? How will the project have a positive and long-term impact in the community?
The specific objectives should provide measurable targets for the Community Projects. The groups will be evaluated on whether they have formulated specific objectives and have met their stated goals. The liaisons are very important to the development and achievement of the Community Project objectives.
Please detail anything that the nonprofit and/or the liaisons will make available to the Community Project such as technical expertise, office supplies, etc. during the project. How will the nonprofit sustain the program/project after the project is done?
Please explain what the Community Project group members will have to assemble in order to fulfill the goals of the project. Also, please describe in detail the funding and/or resources your organization will provide to complete the project. Please submit a project budget below, if applicable.
Please specify any talents and expertise that would be useful in order for group members to complete the project; these can be available from within the Community Project group members or recruited from the community.
Please list any government agencies with which your organization is associated and/or any agencies that the project group members will need to be associated with in order to complete this project.
Please briefly describe any additional information that might be helpful to better explain the project.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.